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April 23, 2019: Nanex ( is excited to announce our partnership with QUODD Financial Information Services (

QUODD and Nanex are now offering our legendary NxCore data feeds to new and existing customers. We are open for business and will continue to earn your business every month with our newly available 30-day subscriptions.

Nanex is co-located with QUODD in the Equinix NY2 Datacenter in Secaucus, New Jersey, lowering latency and presenting new opportunities for our customers.

With its 15 year track record of superior performance, Nanex’s NxCore provides rock-solid stability for both the API and data feed. NxCore’s binary compatibility allows legacy applications to continue processing the data stream.

The value of Nanex’s NxCore Full Market Data (no symbol limits) remains unmatched, with pricing that is 2 to 3 times lower than all other providers. All U.S. Equities, Options, Indexes and Futures are available.

Contact us today for a free data sample! (847) 501-4787

About Nanex

Nanex LLC was founded in the year 2000 by Eric Scott Hunsader. Eric has over 30 years of hands-on experience developing successful real-time trading software including high performance trading applications and compression techniques. Nanex now consists of a small, tight-knit team of developers and engineers. Our flagship product, NxCore (pronounced N-Core), is a high-performance real-time streaming data feed that delivers the whole market to your desktop computer. NxCore easily handles today’s option and equity markets which can exceed millions of quote and trade updates each second and billions of updates each trading day. To learn more, visit

About QUODD Financial Information Services

QUODD Financial Information Services, a business unit of Financeware, provides a real-time data management solution poised to revolutionize the integration, delivery and use of live data. The company’s solution is based on a proprietary platform technology which allows an enterprise complete flexibility in content selection as well as customized delivery with personalization down to the seat level (a radical improvement over existing rigid data solutions that force all enterprises to accept a standard delivery format and defined data set). Furthermore, because QUODD’s platform seamlessly integrates all third party market data within a company’s own internal systems/databases, and the entire solution is centrally-managed, it eliminates the need for company resources, thus significantly decreasing the data management costs across an enterprise. The flexibility of QUODD’s data feeds cover all asset classes in North America and soon will include global markets as well. To learn more, visit

Contact Information

Frank Still
Director of Operations
Nanex, LLC
Office: (847) 501-4787 ext. 3

Keith Savitz
EVP & Co-Founder
QUODD Financial Information Services
Direct: (201) 427.9062