NxCore is revolutionary, offering significant features not found in even the most expensive data feeds.

NxCore automatically corrects for any break in connectivity, regardless of length of time, is restored at the exact next quote or trade in the feed.

This feature brings several valuable benefits:

  1. Your development network will have identical data as your production network. Even if your development occurs on the other side of the globe.
  1. Storing and maintaining time and quote, and time and trade data is greatly simplified. Each day’s trades and quotes for all the exchanges your account has subscribed to, are stored in a single file called an NxCore Tape. This NxCore Tape is identical to any other NxCore Tape produced for an account with the same subscriptions. Even if one account received the feed on a cable modem at home, and another received it on a dedicated 10Gbit circuit in a data center.
  1. Software developed for the NxCore API does not have to deal with the meticulous algorithms involved when switching to “real-time” processing from historic processing: the data always appears as continuous stream of quotes and trades.

NxCore is Rich in Content

Every real-time quote and trade update includes additional valuable data elements immediately accessible by your software, saving significant CPU and memory resources, and development time. NxCore brings these elements to your software blazingly fast — 5,000,000 quote/trade updates per second on a 2.9 GHz processor, using less than 400 megabytes of RAM.

Each quote update includes:

  • Standard bid/ask price, and size and regional exchange or firm making the quote.
  • Exchange Timestamp with millisecond resolution.
  • The National Best Bid and Offer, including size, and exchange as disseminated by the Exchange Authority. These elements are immediately accessible with every regional quote, not just quotes with a BBO appendage.
  • The bid and ask price and size changes from the last quote from the regional exchange.
  • The bid and ask price and size changes from the last National Best Bid and Offer.

Each trade update includes:

  • Standard trade price, size, condition, reporting exchange, and exchange timestamp.
  • Original Exchange Sequence number assigned to the Trade by the exchange.
  • Open, High, Low, Last for the symbol including this trade update.
  • Previous days close adjusted for ex-dividends and splits for computing the proper net change.
  • Total Volume and Tick Volume for the session include this trade update.
  • Special flags indicating whether the trade condition is eligible to update the open, high, low, last fields according to exchange rules. These are in addition to flags indicating whether the trade made a new high or low.
  • Elements indicating whether the trade occurred at the bid or offer price of the regional exchange and the National BBO if present.

All trade corrections and deletion information as received from the exchange plus: the resulting correction as applied in real-time by the NxCore feed processors, including any changes to the open, high, low, close, volume and tick volume fields.

A simple API that uses a few fixed structures and a callback function. An API that is designed to last, with zero or minimal changes; having already survived thousands of builds and many releases. First time developers have converted their software to run on NxCore in a matter of days, some had working prototypes on the first day. The dynamic Explorer-type NxCore API Viewer application shows the API’s  ‘c’ structures update with each trade and quote data just as an application would see it, allowing developers to immediately grasp the fundamental concepts of the API.

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