NxCore Downloads

These downloads are designed for existing NxCore customers, already familiar with NxCore, seeking the latest versions of our products. If you are new to NxCore and would like to review NxCore financial market data, please contact NxCore Sales (sales@nanex.net) 1-847-501-4787 ext. 2 for a FREE sample of NxCore data and tools to help you evaluate the data. There is no sign-up and no commitment required.

Latest Windows Versions (Recommended)

Windows NxCore Access
NxCore APIs & Sample Apps

Latest Linux Versions (BETA)

Our Linux version is still a beta product and not fully supported. It has some bugs, both known and unknown. It is developed, tested and runs best in a Debian/Ubuntu environment. For a production environment, it is HIGHLY recommended that you use our Windows version, instead.

Linux NxCore Access
NxCore APIs & Sample Apps

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