NxCore API Advanced Access Applications

The NxCore Advanced Access Applications are just that, complete royalty-free open source code which demonstrate advanced concepts in interfacing to the NxCore API. If you are just learning NxCore we recommend starting out with some of the simpler apps found in the NxCore library, but for the advanced developer who just can't get enough, enjoy. We will continue to add to the list of applications so check back from time to time for more offerings!

xCore API View Lite:

The API Viewer is one of the first applications users see when running NxCore, the NxCore Viewer. Straight from the man himself, Eric Hunsader, it is a scaled down version of NxCore's own NxCoreAPIViewer application. By "scaled down", all functionality to external applications were removed such as links to Time and Sales apps, Option Chain reports, etc. However the remaining application is the same as the production Viewer in NxCore. :


Next on the list is a new Hot-List Viewer Application. The Hot-List Viewer is one of the most popular apps that ships with NxCore. Hunsander wraps a lot of power into this application (having also written the Hot-List Viewer in QCharts in the Quote.com continuum API days, he is infinitely familiar with what users want in a Hot List app). To top it off this new Hot-List Viewer is even more powerful than the integrated Hot-List found in the APIViewer! Hunsader brings you more functionality, more GUI options, more fields and much, much more. Contained in one source file, you will be well served to do a full examination of this code as it is difficult to believe this much functionality comes with this small a footprint. So, want to tweak the Hot-Lists to your liking? Now's your chance!

To learn more about the NxCore Language Wrappers and Sample application contact: