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Coding in NxCore

A Developers Guide to the NxCore Sample Applications and Source Code Libraries

Getting Started.

New to NxCore?

We first recommend reviewing (and bookmarking) the NxCore API Documentation page, which contains specs to everything contained in NxCore as well as small sample code fragments:

NxCoreAPI Documentation

Next are the The NxCore Langauge Sample Applications, a collection of 10 extremely simple applications which quickly take you through the most important concepts of using NxCore. All 10 applications are included in C, C++, C# and VB. If you're new to NxCore this is definately the place to start.

NxCore Langauge Sample Applications


JTools is a collection of applications written by Nanex developer Jeffrey Donovan and cover a wide variety of topics using NxCore. Many of these are real world tools used by Donovan, the Nanex team and Nanex customers. The majority are based on a Generic Shell Application, developed by Donovan as a starting point for all new NxCore applications. Skill level ranges from intermediate to advanced, although even beginning programmers should be able to learn from the apps with a little effort. All source code is provided royalty-free.

JTools Applications

NxCore Advanced Access Applications

The NxCore Advanced Access Applications are just that, complete royalty-free open source code which demonstrate advanced concepts in interfacing to the NxCore API. If you are just learning NxCore we recommend starting out with some of the simpler apps found in the NxCore library, but for the advanced developer who just can't get enough, enjoy.

NxCore Advanced Access Applications