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Coding in NxCore

A Developers Guide to the NxCore Sample Applications and Source Code Libraries

Getting Started.

New to NxCore?

First, review - and bookmark! - the NxCore API Documentation page, which contains specs to everything contained in NxCore as well as sample code:

NxCoreAPI Documentation

Next are the the NxCore Langauge Sample Applications, a collection of ten extremely simple applications which quickly take you through the most important concepts of using NxCore. All ten applications are included in C, C++, and C#. If you're new to NxCore, this is definately the place to start.

NxCore Langauge Sample Applications


JTools is a collection of applications written by senior developer at Nanex Jeffrey Donovan that cover a wide variety of topics using NxCore. Many of these are real world tools used by both NxCore staff and subscribers. The majority are based on a Generic Shell Application, which was developed as a starting point for all new NxCore applications. Skill level ranges from intermediate to advanced, although beginning programmers should be able to learn from the apps with a little effort. All source code is provided royalty-free.

JTools Applications