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Because of the in-depth historical files NxCore provides, there are several times when the developer may want to run an application over many tapes. Possibly for analysis, possibly to populate historical databases.

The Batch Processor application is a very simple modification of the Generic Shell App. It takes a start date, stop date (and a few other parameters) and processes through the dates, stopping only when the last historical file has been processed. With very little effort, any one of the appropriate JTools applications could be modified to batch process historical files using the code provided with the Batch Processor application.

The Main Application Window:

Batch Mode Parameters:
  • Run in Batch Mode - If checked, batch parameters become enabled and allow the application to process files in a "Batch Mode". If unchecked, individual files or realtime mode may be chosen in the standard settings window.

  • Start Date - Date of the first historical file to be processed.

  • Stop Date - Date of the last historical file to be processed.

  • Tape Set - The NxCore 2 or 3 letter tape set code.

  • Tape Ext - The NxCore tape extension (nxc, nx2 or nx3).

  • Tape Path - Path to the historical tapes.

  • Use Year Subfolders - Many users will organize their historical tapes by year (such as Data\2016, Data\2015, etc). If 'Use Year Subfolders' is enabled then the application will search in the Tape Path folder + the year sub-folder for the specific NxCore historical tape file.

  • Continue on Errors - If checked and an error occurs (such as a missing file in the sequence) processing will continue with the next file. If unchecked processing will stop on the first error encountered.

  • Run in Reverse Direction - When selected, Batch processing will occur from the stop date to the start date. If not selected batch processing occurs from the start date to the stop date.

Misc Parameters:
  • Process Saturday - Process data for Saturday toggle.

  • Process Sunday - Process data for Sunday toggle.

The rules for processing Saturdays and Sundays are as follows:

If enabled. data will be generated for the weekend day(s) chosen, for all running modes.

If disabled, then
  1. If running in batch mode through a range of historical files, the disabled day(s) will be skipped entirely.

  2. If running in single file historical mode (batch mode disabled), the file will be processed but no data generated.

  3. If running in real-time mode (batch mode disabled), the stream will be processed but no data will be generated. This allows for continious running of the application in real time mode.
All JTools application that utilize batch processing follow the above rule set.

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