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The Correction Monitor is a simple application that monitors cancels and corrections in all issues throughout the trading day. The Correction Monitor listens to NxCore category 24 (trade corrections). It will display the type of cancel or correction along with a host of other information as shown below:

  • Symbol - The symbol that was halted.

  • Exg - Listing exchange of the symbol that was halted.

  • SessionDate - Session date of the halt.

  • NxCore Time - NxCore Time the category message is sent.

  • Correction Type - The correction or cancel type.

  • OrgSeq# - Original sequence number of the trade that was cancelled or corrected.

  • OrgTime - Time that the original trade was generated.

  • OrgPrice - Price of the original trade.

  • OrgSize - Size of the original trade.

  • OrgCond - Trade condition of the original trade.

  • NewSeq# - New sequence number of the corrected trade (applies only to corrections).

  • NewTime - New time that the trade was corrected. Note that in the majority of cases this time will be 00:00:00, indicating that the correction occurred at the same time of the original trade (applies only to corrections).

  • NewPrice - New price of the corrected trade (applies only to corrections).

  • NewSize - New size of the corrected trade (applies only to corrections).

  • NewCond - New trade condition of the corrected trade (applies only to corrections).

  • Total# - Total number of cancels and corrections for the specific issue.

JTools Table of Contents