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The Halt Monitor is a simple application that monitors halts in all issues throughout the trading day. The Halt Monitor listens to NxCore category 63 (halt) and will track the current status of any issue that has been halted, display the reason(s) for the halt and track the number of times an issue has been halted.

  • Symbol - The symbol that was halted.

  • Exg - Listing exchange of the symbol that was halted.

  • SessionDate - Session date of the halt.

  • HaltTime - Time of the most recent halt for the symbol.

  • ResumeTime - Most recent time that trading resumed for the halted symbol.

  • Status - Current Halt status of the symbol.

  • Halt Reason - Reason for the most recent halt.

  • NumHalts - Number of halts the symbol had experienced during the day.

JTools Table of Contents