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The performance monitor can be very useful in a variety of ways:
  • When running from a tape going full blast you can effectively judge the performance of app and the obtainable message rate. The application measures rates in real seconds and displays two timestamps on the graph, one being the system time and the other being NxCore's system time.

  • When running in real time the application provides a good gauge of the message traffic for each message type.

  • Determining different message rates and performance levels with various exclude flags set.

When running from a historical tape, blasting through it as fast as the system will allow, tape reading performance and processing of NxCore messages are measured:

It should be noted that when allowing the application to run as fast as possible from a historical tape (in which you can process an entire days tape in just minutes), CPU is also consumed:

When processing in Real Time from NxAccess, rates are much lower:

As the real time rates are much lower, CPU activity reflects this showing a well-behaved application utilizing between 0% - 1% of the CPU:

JTools Table of Contents