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With the exception of the Generic Shell Application, the Table Viewer application is the simplest of all JTools applications. The Table Viewer simply retrieves the string definitions for each NxCore table. These tables include (but are not limited to) exchange codes and names, trade conditions, quote conditions, etc. By using the tables a developer has access to human readable string definition for all NxCore tables without the need to hard-code them in. More importantly, the table definitions are updated automatically each day so there is never a need to update them manually.

The applications builds a new list every time a table button is pressed. A developer may choose to build the table only once at start-up and hold the values in memory (demonstrated in several JTools applications) or make the call on demand. The application is dependant on one NxCore API function GetDefinedString().

Showing defined strings for the exchange table:

Showing defined strings for trade conditions:

JTools Table of Contents