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Since 2010, Nanex has been at the forefront of market micro-structure analysis.

Independent Research

Nanex investigates market events and trends frequently sent to us from third parties for investigation.

High Frequency Trading

Nanex has the hard data to track the movement and market effect of High Frequency Trading algorithms.

Mini Flash Crashes

When a stock spikes up or down in a small time frame, it is called a mini or micro flash crash.

News Events/Leaks

When trading happens faster than the speed of light. Nanex looks into news events.

Quoting Outages

Quoting outages occur when a stock keeps trading, but we are missing orders.

Regulatory Infractions

Holding FINRA, SEC, CFTC and other regulatory entities accountable for transparent and equitable markets.

Sub Penny Pricing

Touted as "price improvement", sub penny prices are not something a retail investor can enter in directly.

Nanex In The News

Our research has garnered attention world wide. For all the latest NxPress articles check here.