Nanex ~ 01-Aug-2012 ~ Knight Event Tweets

Date Time (EDT)* Tweet
31-Jul-2012 3:06:29pm Heads up! NYSE Retail Liqdty is live tomorrow: stocks w/ this indicator will require 2x bandwidth. Oh & FOMC @ 14:15. Fun.
01-Aug-2012 9:35:23am Insane message traffic today: 30% above yesterday, many stocks with mini crash events.
01-Aug-2012 9:38:48am Something wrong with NYSE stocks there are 14 stocks with more trades than SPY. That never happens. #SEC
01-Aug-2012 9:39:33am Dear NYSE: locate the HALT button ASAP.
01-Aug-2012 9:42:50am ALERT #HFT #SEC There are DOZENS of NYSE stocks that are clearly suffering from malfunctioning quotes.
01-Aug-2012 9:44:13am NOK, JNPR, FRX, N, HOG, UNG, NUGT, F, AA, LOW, many more. All with more trades than SPY! #HFT #SEC
01-Aug-2012 9:55:39am This is flash crash epic.
01-Aug-2012 9:57:36am 9:52 for ~40 seconds looks like they got it under control, then it came back. Still crazy. NOK has 220,000 trades!
01-Aug-2012 9:58:25am There are 48 stocks (all NYSE) with more trades than $SPY. That NEVER happens. SPY usually #1 or 2.

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