Nanex ~ 29-Aug-2012 ~ Deutsche Bundesbank Speaks "Nanex"

From a Deutsche Bundesbank market expert on HFT:

I have the pleasure to inform you about a recent speech (4th July 2012)
given by Deutsche Bundesbank Executive Board Member Dr. Joachim Nagel at
the TradeTECH DACH conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The speech's topic was
"High frequency trading and market implications - an assessment from a
central bank perspective".  In covering the complex topic of HFT and its
pros and cons, the Deutsche Bundesbanks market division is also following
and appreciating your work at NANEX. The preparation of the speech has
benefitted greatly from the extensive data, graphics and analysis on your
website. We also took up some of your ideas and arguments and, being
similar to our own views, implemented them into the speech.

Similar to the BoE speech "Race to zero" by Mr. Haldane in 2011, we would
like to offer you the placement of the speech on your website. If you are
interested, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to send you
the speech.

Best regards and keep up the good work!


Nanex Research