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Nanex ~ 20-Dec-2012 ~ Dark Pool Tardiness 2

This is a 2nd example showing how Dark Pool trades appear much later than they should. During market wide momentum ignition events: where trades execute in hundreds of symbols at the same millisecond, we've noticed the dark pool trades always, always, always come quite a bit after lit market trades. The 3 charts plot trade execution prices (y-axis) between 0 and $145 during a 2 second period of time starting at right before a news event at 10am EST. Each pixel width corresponds to 2 milliseconds of time. SPY trades show up near the top at $145. What these charts show, is that dark pool trade execution are consistently reported late for all symbols. We think traders and investors that use consolidated market data deserve better.

See also Systemic Dark Pool Tardiness,  Tardy Trade Reports in Apple, and Light before Dark.

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