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Nanex 21-Apr-2014 ~ 21+ Micro Flash Crashes

On April 21, 2014 there were 21 micro-flash crashes events (up and down) over two short periods of time. The first event began at 10:50:18 and claimed 13 stocks, while the second event began approximately 4.5 minutes later (10:54:46) and claimed 8 stocks. Many other stocks had significant sudden moves but didn't meet our strict threshold for being classified as a micro flash crash event.
Symbol Time Symbol Time
CVI 10:50:18ADC 10:54:46
CXW 10:50:18BLX 10:54:46
FSP 10:50:18COR 10:54:46
FTD 10:50:18FFBC 10:54:46
HE 10:50:18ORIT 10:54:46
HLSS 10:50:18PETS 10:54:46
GHL 10:50:19PRK 10:54:46
GCI 10:50:19VLGEA10:54:46
GEF 10:50:19
GEO 10:50:20
UBSI 10:50:20
CPSI 10:50:21
NTRI 10:50:21
1. Stocks moving 1% or more during the first event.
Note that several stocks pegged near +10% and -10%: this is due to the price approaching that stocks Limit Up/Down band.

2. Stocks moving 1% or more during the second event.
As during the first event, several stocks moved near +10% and -10%: right up to their Limit Up/Down band.

3. Step through 27 stocks (some didn't move enough to qualify, but are noteable). Each chart shows about 30 seconds of time.


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