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Nanex ~ 16-Jun-2014 ~ Schwab Swoons 5%

On June 16, 2014 at 10:58:30, the stock of The Charles Schwab Corporation (symbol SCHW, market cap $33 Billion) suddenly dropped 4.6% in less than a second on thousands of trades. 9 exchanges and an unknown number of Dark Pools and ATS participated vigorously. There were plenty of quotes - with some exchanges sending 10 or more top of book changes for each trade during the event. This will simply be another event to add to a growing list.

1. SCHW Trades and Quote Spread over 18 minutes of time.

2. Zooming in 10x - showing just under 2 minutes.

3. Zooming 100x - showing about 10 seconds of time.

4. Zooming in 1000x - showing just 1 second of time.

5. Showing the next second of time.
Note how quickly the order book recharges - each drop clears out all the orders, which repopulate before the next drop.

6. Zooming in - showing about 140 milliseconds of time.

7. Another 140 millisecond of time.

8. Note how the order book recharges after about 100 milliseconds.

9. The first 100 milliseconds which is shown in the video below.

YouTube Video of first 100 milliseconds

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