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Company History
Nanex was founded in the year 2000 by Eric Scott Hunsader and is based in Winnetka, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago.

In 2003, Nanex partnered with DTN, an Omaha Nebraska Company, so that it could continue to focus on development of NxCore and NxCore products. DTN provides sales, exchange reporting, and network access to direct financial data feeds.

Team Nanex

Eric Scott Hunsader
Eric Scott Hunsader has over 25 years of hands-on experience developing successful real-time trading software including high performance trading applications and compression techniques. He has produced many successful commercial applications which are still in use today. With Hunsader at the helm you get answers to tough feed development questions from someone with a wealth of coding experience and market infrastructure expertise. Outside of the office, Hunsader enjoys distance running and going on adventures with his wife and four daughters.

Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan has been a professional software engineer since 1985. He has consulted for such companies as Intel, DEC, Yahoo, ESPN, Aureal Semiconductor, Sense8, The Learning Company, Crystal River Engineering, Hammer Capital Mngmnt, Quantel Financial, and dozens of additional firms. Specializing in applications for financial analysis and data visualization, Donovan has over two decades worth of real world experience in writing stand-alone trading systems, trading visualization tools and the underlying systems that power them. When he's away from the computer, Donovan is playing guitar, cooking for his girlfriend and two siamese cats, or surfing near his home in beautiful California.

Jeremy Truelove
Jeremy Truelove knew computers were his passion since touching his first IBM 486 DX/2 66 in 1993. Since then, he has built a career in technology encompassing technical writing and communications, support, network and systems administration, and finally software engineering for Nanex in 2016. Truelove has unparalleled user empathy, a strong drive towards documentation, and an affinity for hardware solutions. Outside of Nanex, he enjoys pursuing his love of film by producing films and directing the Lake County Film Festival or simply by watching good movies with his wife, son, dog and cat. Truelove is also a lifelong gamer, and enjoys playing video games with his friends and son.