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Nanex 21-Apr-2014 ~ CORN Flakes 8%

On April 21, 2014 at 9:30:05, the ETF Teucrium Corn (Symbol: CORN) suddenly dropped about 8% in a second and recovered 2 seconds later. There were many similar micro flash crashes later the same day in other stocks.

1. CORN ETF - Trades color coded by reporting exchange and NBBO (gray shading) over about 30 seconds of time.
Note the string of green squares that print about 12 seconds after the drop - these are simply late dark pool trade reports.

2. CORN ETF - showing Best Bid/Ask Exchange.

3. CORN ETF - Zooming out to about 1 minute of time.

4. CORN ETF - zooming out to about 20 minutes of time.

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