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NxCore (pronounced n’core) is a high-performance ticker plant technology that delivers whole market real-time streaming data service to your workstation or desktop computer. NxCore is Nanex's base product and excels in delivering and databasing all the quotes and trades transmitted by the exchanges, even in the hyper-active U.S. Option market (OPRA) which now transmits over 6,500,000 quotes per second, and 6 billion quotes per trading day.

NxCore has an easy to use API for developing trading software. No parsing required, it uses simple fixed structures and includes important and frequently used information in every quote and trade update. NxCore includes tools to help you visualize and understand data relationships in the feed. And NxCore lets you replay the data at blazing speeds (2 million+ updates/second) on inexpensive hardware. Converting from existing feeds becomes a trivial exercise.

The current languages supported by the API are C, C++, C#.

For a brief overview of NxCore's API and tape files click here.