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Our business is supplying a real-time data service comprising trade and quote data for all US equity, option, and futures exchanges. We have archived this data since 2004 and have created and used numerous tools to help us sift through the enormous dataset: over 5 trillion quotes and trades as of March 2013. The flash crash (May 6, 2010) had approximately 7.6 billion trade, quote, and depth records.

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The People vs. Big Finance

Refuting HFT Claims

All you need to know about SEC and Midas

Einstein and The Great Fed Robbery

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03-25-2013 eMini Algo Disaster in Jan-2008
03-14-2013 Disrupting Markets
02-28-2013 Chicago PMI Trading Frenzy
10-02-2012 The 4% Algo
09-25-2012 Whac-A-Mole is Manipulation
09-16-2012 SEC Speaks "Nanex"
09-14-2012 Disturbing Liquidity
08-31-2012 SPY Intraday Volatility
08-15-2012 HFT Doesn't Harm Investors
02-23-2012 Nanex Presentation Materials
02-06-2012 The Rise of the HFT Machines
10-17-2011 Coexisting without Colocating - Improving the Market for All
09-20-2011 HFT faster than light. Enter the age of the fantasecond
07-14-2011 Is the NBBO Being Ignored?
10-08-2010 Exclusive: Waddell & Reed Trades Blamed for Flash Crash have been Analyzed in Detail!
09-27-2010 Flash Crash Summary Report
08-23-2010 Latency on Demand - Manufacturing delays on NYSE
********** Latest findings
06-07-2013 Amazon Does 100,000 Quotes per Second
06-05-2013 New York Times Stock Quotes to Los Angeles
05-31-2013 1/10th of second of trading after Chicago PMI
05-31-2013 Fastest Evaporation of Wealth in the Stock Market (APC)
05-30-2013 Facebook IPO Trading Overloads the Stock Market
05-30-2013 Trading ahead of news in SPY on May 28, 2013
05-15-2013 Eric Speaks at Wired Conference- May 7th, 2013
07-31-2012 End Of July eMini Wipe-out
05-02-2012 Volatility on Demand
04-06-2012 iWideQuote - How BATS Halted Trading in AAPL
04-04-2012 BATS Stuck Quote Kills NBBO
03-23-2012 BATS IPO - $16 to Zero in a Second
03-21-2012 The RIO Event - $1 Billion gone in a Second
03-20-2012 The SLV Event - 75,000 Quotes/Second
03-20-2012 The BATS Trade Blast
02-29-2012 SPY Closing Event
02-16-2012 High Frequency Quote Spam
02-14-2012 Quote Stuffing in KORS
02-13-2012 The NYMEX Black Swan Event
01-23-2012 HFT Causes Volatility & Instability
01-12-2012 HFT Algo Price Manipulation
01-11-2012 HFT Algo Test in Active Trading
12-14-2011 The WAB Event
12-09-2011 The PDLI and BAC Events
10-19-2011 ENV: $9.48 to $0.02 in a Second
10-18-2011 The Trade/Cancel Loop - Modern day painting the tape
10-17-2011 8 Large Cap Stocks Destroyed in a Second
10-12-2011 Definition of a "Mini-Flash-Crash" The AMJ Event
10-05-2011 The PERY Event
09-29-2011 The AMD Event
09-02-2011 What is Bid/Ask of this stock?
08-29-2011 HFT Pig of the Week Award
08-25-2011 The case of DELL. Pure machine driven quote stuffing
08-05-2011 More Random Images of Strange Behavior
08-04-2011 Random Images of Strange Behavior
08-03-2011 It's Whac-A-Mole again!
08-02-2011 It's Whac-A-Mole in ELNK
07-29-2011 REIT Shares Hit an Air Pocket
07-20-2011 NYSE-Arca quotes affect 2,818 stocks for 35 minutes
07-19-2011 ED.PR.C: $91.83 to $87.55 in 10 seconds, then quickly recovers
07-18-2011 AVY: $35.74 to $0.001 in 2 seconds, then quickly recovers
07-14-2011 TLT: $96.63 to $97.90 and back in a second
07-14-2011 ASIA: $15.72 to $12.60 in a second, then quickly recovers, while massive size algo runs
07-12-2011 BF.A: $69.28 to $16.64 in a second
07-07-2011 Massive Arbitrage Algo between NYMEX Crude Futures and ETFs
06-21-2011 CNTY: Doubles, then quickly recovers
06-08-2011 The Natural Gas Futures Algo
06-07-2011 AT&T: Stub Quoting still occurs in broad daylight
06-03-2011 XEL.PR.G: $90.50 to $102.25 and back down in 30 seconds.. with some curious activity
06-03-2011 BITA: 6.90 to $0.09 in 2 seconds, then quickly recovers
05-26-2011 STBC: Drops 17% in 3 seconds, then quickly recovers
05-24-2011 ACOR -  11% lost in under 5 seconds before recovering
05-19-2011 NKSH: $24.07 to $3.50 in under 1 second
05-18-2011 BEE.PR.C: $28.80 to $2600 in 2 seconds
05-16-2011 Price Discovery?
05-13-2011 ESGR: From $102.00 to $0.01 (a penny) in 5 seconds
05-12-2011 Trading Robots in Citigroup: Before and after Stock Split
05-11-2011 RLJ: From $17.25 to $0.0001 on it's first trading day
05-03-2011 AMBO: From $6.74 to $1.59 within 1 second
05-02-2011 50+ Stocks mispriced
04-28-2011 Russell 2000 and related issues
04-25-2011 84 Stocks mispriced
03-29-2011 Unusual quote burst activity
09-15-2010 Did BATS do the right thing and put a stop to this algo?
07-16-2010 Pre Market HFT Quoting
04-03-2014 Michael Lewis' 'Flash Boys' spotlights New Jersey connection to high frequency traders
04-02-2014 NASDAQ- 4 Bold-Faced Lies about High Frequency Trading
03-28-2014 CNBC- IPO halted in trading debut
03-28-2014 CNBC- IPO halted in trading debut
03-28-2014 Financial Times- ‘Flash Boys’ starts Wall St soul searching
03-19-2014 Business Insider- New York Attorney General Endorses A Radical Change To The Way The World Trades Stocks
03-18-2014 FTSE contract, U.K. ETF see brief spike
03-04-2014 Marketplace Economy- High frequency trading: More relaxed than you think
03-03-2014 Value Walk- Warren Buffett Defends Business Wire On HFT Issue
02-21-2014 Zero Hedge- Buffett's Hypocrisy Exposed Yet Again
02-21-2014 Financial Times- Frequent batch auctions and the last, slow, bleeding second of the day
02-20-2014 Financial Times- Buffett’s Business Wire ends feeds to high-speed traders
02-20-2014 Financial Times- Buffett’s Business Wire ends feeds to high-speed traders
02-15-2014 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: Frickin Laser Beams And LULD Exploits
02-06-2014 Forbes- Nanex's Hunsader Seeks To 'Save' Markets From High-Frequency Trading
02-06-2014 The Wall Street Journal- Speed Traders Get an Edge
01-27-2014 Really Fast Information Processors or Tippees?
01-24-2014 Collateral Long-Term Damage and High Frequency Silver
01-11-2014 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: Crashes, Hardware, And Lobbying
01-07-2014 iNVEZZ- Gold spot price rises on expectations for physical demand but signs point down
01-07-2014 Seeking Alpha- Gold's Flash Crash: Fat Finger Or Panicked Shorts?
01-07-2014 TNR- Gold Prices Trending Lower Today After Brief Flash Crash
01-06-2014 The Motley Fool- Canadian Equities Lower on Weak Economic Data, Gold Flash Crash
01-06-2014 The Wall Street Journal- Gold Ends Slightly Lower After Volatile Day
01-06-2014 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: AZO, eMini Throwback, FINRA Getting Tough?
01-06-2014 Market Watch- Gold ends with slight loss after ‘flash crash’
01-03-2014 Bloomberg Businessweek- Audit Recommends Ending Media Lockups for U.S. Jobless Claims
12-01-2013 Value Walk- HFT Shenanigans: Microwave Trading And Gold Futures (Again)
11-25-2013 Bloomberg-Speed Traders Meet Nightmare on Elm Street With Nanex
11-22-2013 Value Walk-Trading Industry Discussed Limiting Dark Pools In Closed-Door Meeting
11-22-2013 Zero Hedge- Spot The Manipulated FX Market Moment
11-21-2013 The Street- Thursday, November 21: Today in Gold and Silver
11-21-2013 Resource Investor- Comex halts gold trading twice in one day after $200 million sell trades
11-20-2013 The Options Insider- MarketWatch: Wednesday Morning Halt in Gold Futures
11-17-2013 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: PFE, NQ/QQQ, And CME Group Hacking
11-11-2013 Zero Hedge- Busted! HFT Algo Goes Wild in Nasdaq Futures Moments Before Job Number Hits
11-09-2013 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: Employment Data, TWTR, And USD Futures
11-07-2013 USA Today- All eyes on NYSE for Twitter IPO
11-05-2013 Market Watch- Natural-gas futures market sees huge 20,000 contract sell order: Nanex
11-02-2013 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: Options Exchanges Crash And Algos Play Nice For FOMC
10-30-2013 Themis Trading- They Blinded Me with Sci… Sci… Science!
10-27-2013 Floating Path- HFT Shenanigans: NQ Spoofing And Mind-Boggling Options Data
10-25-2013 CNBC- Federal Reserve: Will enhance security procedures
10-25-2013 Market Watch- Fed to tighten security of FOMC statement
10-22-2013 Market Watch- Euro futures moved higher ahead of jobs report: Nanex
10-11-2013 CNBC- Gold’s plunge blamed on one massive sell order
10-03-2013 The Verge- What's faster than light-speed trading? Inside Wall Street's sketchy early access schemes
10-02-2013 Financial Times- Millisecond data disputes, part 2.0000000100
09-30-2013 Forbes- High Frequency Trading: Is It A Dark Force Against Ordinary Human Traders And Investors?
09-29-2013 Chicago Tribune- Speed trade timing doesn't cause pause on Wall Street
09-26-2013 Fierce Financial IT- Fed caught in low-latency disclosure controversy
09-26-2013 Traders Magazine -HFT Dilemma: Front Running Meets Transparency
09-26-2013 The Sydney Morning Herald -US Fed investigating leak allegations
09-25-2013 Proactive Investors -Quick trading in the wake of Wednesday’s FOMC announcement rouses suspicions
09-25-2013 WA Today -US Fed investigating leak allegations
09-25-2013 Bullion Vault -Gold Trading Leak Alleged After Fed's "No Taper" Shock
09-25-2013 Newser -Mystery: Did Someone Leak Fed Decision to Traders?
09-25-2013 U-T San Diego -Possible Leak Worries the Fed
09-25-2013 Opposing Views -Seven Millisecond Mystery: How Did Fed's Bond News Reach Gold Traders Faster Than Speed Of Light?
09-24-2013 Cheat Sheet -Was the Fed’s No-Taper Announcement Leaked to Wall Street?
09-24-2013 USA Today -Early leak of Fed's 'no tapering' decision?
09-24-2013 Reuters -Fed following up on report of unusual trading on FOMC statement
09-24-2013 The Wall Street Journal -Questions Swirl About High-Speed Trading and Last Week’s Fed Announcement
09-24-2013 CNBC -Did someone know early about last week's Fed release?
09-24-2013 Co. Exist -A New Breed Of Mindless Stock-Trading Robots Is Causing Instant Mini Stock Crashes 10 Times A Day
09-24-2013 CNBC -Some traders got 'no taper' decision news earlier
09-22-2013 Floating Path -HFT Scandals: Options Blackout, Fed Taper Leaked, AAPL
09-22-2013 Quartz -Wednesday's Federal Reserve announcement was leaked, says a financial market analyst
09-22-2013 Quartz -Quartz Daily Brief-Europe edition-Merkel celebrates, China thrives, Nairobi siege, audacious oil thieves
09-19-2013 CNN Money -High speed traders reacted instantly to Fed
09-19-2013 Floating Path -Is High Frequency Trading's Zero Sum Game Reaching Its End?
09-18-2013 Bloomberg Business Week -The Fed's 'No Taper' Sparks a Trading Frenzy
09-18-2013 Business Insider -The Market Looked Completely Different To Robots Than It Did To Humans During The Fed Announcement
09-18-2013 Los Angeles Times -Today's market forecast: 'Extreme volatility' after Fed meeting
09-16-2013 Quartz -The secret financial market only robots can see
09-16-2013 Reuters -U.S. options trading again halted due to systems glitch
09-15-2013 Floating Path -HFT Shenanigans: Data Leak, AZN, Illiquid Crude, And Dark Pools Keep Rising
09-15-2013 Floating Path -HFT Madness: Consumer Sentiment, Crude, AZN, Dark Pools
09-14-2013 Zero Hedge - Behold,The Insatiable Rise Of HFT Quote Spam
09-13-2013 Quartz - Another trading hiccup reminds us of the US stock market's inherent technological flaws
09-12-2013 - Large Gold Sell Order Trips Circuit Breaker, Causes 20 Second Shut Down
09-12-2013 Market Watch - Huge gold trade trips circuit breaker, prompts 20 second halt: Nanex says; CME calls it a pause
09-12-2013 Fox Business - Recap: Large Sell Order Halts Gold Market, Jobless Claims Not What They Seem
09-07-2013 Floating Path - HFT Madness in Review: TVIZ, SIP, Jobs Data, Gold
09-05-2013 Rolling Stone - 16 Major Firms May Have Received Early Data From Thomson Reuters
09-02-2013 Crain's - Why some markets have tech failures and others don't
08-31-2013 Floating Path - HFT Madness: Spoofing eMinis; AAPL, PG, Nasdaq Excuse
08-29-2013 The Guardian - Nasdaq crash report singles out NYSE as cause of three-hour downtime
08-29-2013 - Critics assail industry-sponsored study on HFT
08-28-2013 Reuters - Options regulatory entity asked to look at unusual Leap call trades
08-27-2013 USA Today - Leap Wireless options trades spark investigation
08-27-2013 Market Watch - Fake orders chased E-Mini S&P higher, then disappeared: Nanex
08-26-2013 Kansas City Star - Merger of Bats Global Markets, Direct Edge Holdings could challenge Wall Street mainstays
08-26-2013 Benzinga - SIP On This Idea: The NASDAQ Freeze Didn't Cause A Brain Freeze
08-26-2013 Option Monster - What's really behind Nasdaq debacle
08-24-2013 Forbes - Nasdaq Flash Freeze Shows Markets Still Aren't Safe
08-24-2013 Floating Path - Latest HFT Shenanigans: Inside The Nasdaq Darkness
08-23-2013 USA Today - Did some traders profit during Nasdaq freeze?
08-23-2013 Yahoo! Finance - Blame the High-Frequency Traders for Yesterday's Nasdaq Mess
08-23-2013 The Street - Should Warren Buffett Buy Nasdaq?
08-23-2013 Market Watch - Critics say flash freeze shows Nasdaq shouldn't run industry's price processor
08-23-2013 Business Insider - Weird Things Were Happening 2 Hours Before The NASDAQ's 3-Hour Shutdown
08-17-2013 Floating Path - HFT Shenanigans: Shanghai Flash Rise Versus U.S. Flash Crash
08-12-2013 Market Watch - Trading volume dries up around UMich report following disclosure of early release
08-11-2013 Floating Path - HFT Shenanigans: Gold, Nat Gas, DW, And BATS Goes Offline
08-09-2013 ETF Trends - ETF Market Makers and Liquidity
08-08-2013 Financial Times - Cash lure to stop firms deserting ETFs in times of stress
08-06-2013 Minyanville - Dow Is Overbought and Approaching Long-Term Resistance
08-06-2013 Money News - WSJ: FBI Finds Black Boxes That Control Government Data Are 'Vulnerable'
08-06-2013 The Market Oracle - Be Very Afraid Of The Stock Market, Amongst Other Things...
08-05-2013 Market Watch - Gold futures dropped in milliseconds before ISM report
08-03-2013 Value Walk - HFT: Wild Options Action And Was Jobs Data Out Early?
08-02-2013 Business Insider - WHOOPS: A Fat Finger Error Sent A Stock Shooting Up $319 In Less Than A Second This Morning
08-02-2013 Market Watch - Flash-crash response rules enter next phase Monday
07-31-2013 Value Walk - One Man Shop Fined by CFTC for HFT Spoofing
07-28-2013 Floating Path - Latest HFT Shenanigans: Panther Gets Caught Spoofing, WHR, And FB
07-22-2013 The Trade News - Circuit breaker analysis fails to explain jobs data spike
07-15-2013 The Wall Street Journal - Bullish Leap Options Set to Gain $4.6 Million With Buyout Bid
07-12-2013 Financial Times - Share trading volumes drop after Reuters changes release schedule
07-12-2013 The New York Times - The Fairness of a Split-Second Advantage for Traders
07-12-2013 Yahoo Finance - High-Frequency Trading Is Making a Joke of the Markets
07-11-2013 CNN Money - Citadel: The stock market is safer than ever
07-09-2013 The New York Times - Regulators Examining Sales of Early Financial Data
07-08-2013 Financial Times - NY attorney-general probes data providers over early access
07-07-2013 BBC News - A dark magic: The rise of the robot traders
07-07-2013 Floating Path - Latest HFT Shenanigans: PCP, Crude Futures Liquidity, And Jobs Data Mess
07-05-2013 Market Watch - In the seconds before jobs report, e-mini futures jumped, gold futures oscillated wildly: Nanex
07-01-2013 Nerd Wallet Investing - Thomson Reuters and the Fight for Low Latency
06-26-2013 The Michigan Daily - University data sparks debate about trading policy
06-26-2013 Business Insider - CHART: The Pure Insanity That Is The Last 5 Seconds Of Trading At The End Of The Month
06-24-2013 Financial News - NYSE flash crash reignites the circuit-breaker debate
06-21-2013 CNBC - Conference Board Ends Embargoes After Leaks
06-21-2013 The A Register - Rise of the Machines: How computers took over the stock market
06-19-2013 CNBC - Legal, But Unfair?
06-19-2013 Market Watch - Facebook stock jumps in three seconds: Nanex
06-19-2013 Los Angeles Times - Investors on edge before Fed meeting
06-16-2013 Floating Path - Latest HFT Shenanigans: SPY Options And Yet More Early Data Access
06-14-2013 Epoch Times - Algorithmic Trading Close to Insider Trading But Legal
06-14-2013 Market Watch - How a retail investor can trade economic data
06-14-2013 FX Empire - Natural Gas Surges On EIA Inventory Surprise
06-13-2013 Business Insider - Here's The Email That Bloomberg Sent To University Of Michigan In 2006 Blasting Them For Giving Data Early To Reuter
06-13-2013 CNBC - Natural Gas Leak? Futures Surge
06-13-2013 CNBC - Early Trading Ahead of Nat Gas Data
06-12-2013 The Wall Street Journal - Traders Pay for an Early Peek at Key Data
06-12-2013 CNBC - Thomson Reuters Gives Elite Traders Early Advantage
06-11-2013 Zero Hedge - HFT Stock Manipulation In Action
06-11-2013 Market Watch - Mini flash crashes strike again
06-10-2013 QUARTZ - More evidence that Thomson Reuters data may be leaking out earlier than it's meant to
06-07-2013 CNBC - Mysterious Market Moves Ahead of Jobs Number
06-06-2013 Benzinga - HFTs Disrupt Three Stocks at Open (BNS, PGR, NYT)
06-05-2013 CNBC - Unraveling Monday's Early Data Release To Traders
06-05-2013 Market Watch - Traders moved early on ISM manufacturing report
06-03-2013 Market Watch - Mini flash crashes strike again - this time at Williams-Sonoma, Hyatt
05-31-2013 Forbes - One Half Second of HFT: Watch Big Data Dance
05-31-2013 The Washington Times Communities - Algos, HFTs in complete control of stock markets
05-30-2013 Business Insider - Video Shows How Insane Trading Goes Right Before Important Data Drops
05-29-2013 The A Register - SEC slams NASDAQ with $10m fine for Facebook IPOcalypse
05-28-2013 NASDAQ - Stock-Volatility Rules in Focus as Key Index Rebalance Nears
05-28-2013 Business Insider - There Was Some Shady Trading Going On Ahead Of Today's Consumer Confidence Data
05-28-2013 RAGEMAG - Les 12 salopards de la mondialisation, vol. 4 : Snipe
05-27-2013 Floating Path - The Latest In HFT Shenanigans
05-23-2013 Zero Hedge - The Winners And Losers In Today's NEE And AEP Flash Crashes
05-23-2013 Business Insider - Utility Stocks Flash Crash At The Opening Bell
05-21-2013 Advanced Trading - A Letter to Anadarko Regarding Its 'Flash Crash'
05-19-2013 Naked Capitalism - Ian Fraser: The beauty and insanity of HFT
05-17-2013 Zero Hedge - How A Last Second Flash Crash Pushed The S&P 500 From 1,667 To 1,666
05-15-2013 POPSCI - What High-Frequency Trading Looks Like Every Millisecond
05-15-2013 RT Prime Interest - Nanex on HFT gentleman's club and SEC's cold shoulder
05-13-2013 Floating Path - Bloomberg Leak Revives Big Data Fears
05-10-2013 Business Insider - Four Charts That Show How Wild A Stock's Ride Can Get In Even Just One Second
05-10-2013 Business Insider - Video Of Half A Second Of High Frequency Trading Activity Looks Like A Battle In Star Wars
05-09-2013 Zero Hedge - Presenting Flash Trading Detectives At Work
05-09-2013 Financial Times - It's not finance, it's Cy-fi
05-09-2013 Huffington Post - This Video Of One Half-Second Of High Frequency Trading Is Insane, Terrifying
05-06-2013 CNBC - After the Flash Crash, Stocks Still Moving
05-06-2013 CNBC - Is High Frequency Trading Free & Fair?
05-02-2013 CNBC - Santelli's Flash Crash Post Mortem
05-02-2013 Huffington Post - The Real Problem With the Twitter HackCrash
04-30-2013 Zero Hedge - Symantec Flash-Crash Destroys Over $1.5 Billion In Less Than A Second
04-29-2013 NASDAQ - When the Market's Momentum Shifts, So Too Will the Robot Traders' Mission
04-29-2013 Paste Magazine - The Robo-Market: How Computers Temporarily Broke the Stock Market Over a Tweet
04-28-2013 Chicago Tribune - Rosenthal: Computer hacks, bugs and attacks are all too commo
04-25-2013 Mother Jones - How One Tweet Almost Broke US Financial Markets
04-25-2013 CNN Money - Tweet Retreat: Did high frequency reading crash the market?
04-25-2013 Irish Independent - How a tweet knocked billions off US shares
04-25-2013 Seeking Alpha - What Happens When Liquidity Disappears?
04-24-2013 CNBC - Single Tweet Didn't Cause Market Disruption: Expert
04-24-2013 Bloomberg Businessweek - How Many HFT Firms Actually Use Twitter to Trade?
04-24-2013 Motherboard - Can We Stop Overreacting To Computerized Trading?
04-24-2013 Albuquerque Business First - Concerns rise after tweet jars market
04-24-2013 Spectrum Ieee - The Hacked Tweet That Took Down Wall Street
04-24-2013 Market Watch - Trippy animation of market response to hacked AP tweet
04-23-2013 The Fiscal Times - How One Phony Tweet Caused Market-Wide Chaos
04-23-2013 Huffington Post Canada - AP Twitter Hack Claims Obama Injured In White House Explosion
04-23-2013 - Exchange order types prompt fears of HFT conspiracy
04-23-2013 CNBC - Midday Movers: MSFT, GOOG & More
04-23-2013 Irish Examiner - Google shares price concern
04-22-2013 CNBC - Google Mini Flash Move?
04-22-2013 Bloomberg - Google Shares Tumble 3.1% in Possible ‘Fat Finger’ Trade
04-19-2013 Zero Hedge - Big Ööps: Deutsche Börse Says "Flash Crash Can't Happen Here" A Week Before German Flash Crash
04-16-2013 Banking Technology - MiFID II is a “dog’s dinner” says former UK government advisor
04-10-2013 CNBC - Nasdaq, CME Building Superfast High Frequency Trading Link
04-03-2013 Financial Times - Flash crash explanation questioned
03-26-2013 Zero Hedge - Moore’s Law vs. Murphy’s Law
03-25-2013 Policy Shop - Are Academics for Hire Influencing the HFT Debate?
03-25-2013 Business Insider - Inside The Movie Premiere Of 'The Ghost Exchange' — A Warning About High Frequency Trading To Investors Around The World
03-25-2013 Think Progress - Financial Firms Double Lobbying Efforts Against Proposals To Curb Risky Trading
03-21-2013 Zero Hedge - HFT Contagion
03-20-2013 Alpha Newsroom - Mini flash crashes: A dozen a day
03-18-2013 SB Wire - eBusiness Reviews Offers Comments on the Face-off Between Warren Buffet and Eric Hunsader
03-14-2013 Institutional Investor - New HFT Documentary Poses Lots of Questions, Provides Few Answers
03-12-2013 CNBC - Santelli Explores High Frequency Trading
03-12-2013 Zero Hedge - Did Someone Forget To Push Europe's Algo Clocks Forward?
03-11-2013 Naked Capitalism - Yes, Virginia, HFT and Liquidity are Not All They Are Cracked Up to Be
03-08-2013 Think Progress - How Everybody Pays The Price Of Wall Street’s Unregulated High-Frequency Trading
03-06-2013 Wall Street Journal - Are Gains Real or an Illusion Created by the Markets?
03-05-2013 Yahoo! Finance - Why Warren Buffett is Wrong about High-Frequency Trading
03-03-2013 Wall Street Journal - Mishaps Gave Filmmakers a Gift, and Grief
02-28-2013 Business Insider - Why There Was A Crazy Surge In Stock Market Activity At The Close Today
02-28-2013 Money Playground - The Rise of the High Frequency Trading Machines
02-27-2013 Zero Hedge - High Frequency Wallpaper: When Knight Went Dark
02-26-2013 Zero Hedge - The Huge Shift In Market Structure That Occurred Yesterday
02-25-2013 Business Insider - There Was More Suspicious Early Trading On Natural Gas Last Week
02-22-2013 The Voice of Russia - Manipulation in the crude oil markets
02-21-2013 Futures - Oil falls amid curious trading activity
02-21-2013 Institutional Investor - 'Money & Speed' and the May 2010 Flash Crash
02-21-2013 Reuters - RPT-Crude oil slide puzzles nervous U.S. market
02-20-2013 MarketWatch - Oil drops amid contract expiration volatility
02-20-2013 NASDAQ - Closing Update: Stocks, Commodities All Slide in Market Retreat; Fed Minutes Show Rising Dischord
02-19-2013 Platts - US CFTC probes pre-EIA storage report trading activity
02-19-2013 Financial Times - Markets: In search of a fast buck
02-14-2013 Financial Times - Elon Musk vs The New York Times
02-12-2013 Sniper In Mahwah - It’s not art, it’s high frequency trading
02-11-2013 Motherboard - What Computer-Powered High Frequency Trading Looks and Sounds Like
02-06-2013 Fierce Finance IT - Behold fake high-frequency trading quotes
02-06-2013 Business Insider - What It Looks Like When A High Frequency Trading Algo Bombs A Stock With Fake Quotes
02-06-2013 The Vogon - What High-Speed Trading Looks Like in Thousandths of a Second
02-04-2013 Mother Jones - Too Fast To Fail: Is High-Speed Trading the Next Wall Street Disaster?
02-04-2013 New Statesman - 400ms of insider information
02-01-2013 Bloomberg - EIA Says Data Monitored to Ensure Fair Distribution
01-31-2013 FXEmpire - Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis February 4, 2013 Forecast
01-31-2013 CNBC - Unusual Natural Gas Trade Raises Questions
01-31-2013 Business Insider - A Gorgeous Visual Of What Happens To The Market When Someone Knows Something 400 Milliseconds Before Everyone Else
01-29-2013 Huffington Post - Government Drops Insider Trading Probe Of Media Companies, Baffling Investors
01-28-2013 Macworld - More AAPL stock manipulation? 800,000 shares dumped in last second of trading
01-27-2013 Apple Insider - Apple stock panic labeled "a premeditated flash dump"
01-27-2013 CNN Money - Chart: An Apple flash dump
01-26-2013 The A Register - Apple loses 'Most Valuable Company' honor to ExxonMobil
01-25-2013 Zero Hedge - Apple's Flash Dump In The Last Second Of Trading Caught On Tape
01-25-2013 Barron's - AAPL: ‘Flash Dump’ Closes Stock at $439.88, Says ZeroHedge
01-24-2013 Fierce Financial IT - Research uncovers stub quote ban work around
01-24-2013 Financial Times - Glitches spur US share trading debate
01-22-2013 Mute - Destructive Destruction? An Ecological Study of High Frequency Trading
01-17-2013 Traders Magazine - Direct Edges Discloses Order-Handling Discrepancies
01-17-2013 Traders Magazine - 'Brief' NYSE System Error May Have Affected Prices
01-16-2013 Business Insider - This Is What Happens When A Buggy Algorithm Goes Crazy On A Stock
01-10-2013 New York Times - Errors Mount at High-Speed Exchanges in New Year
01-08-2013 Market Watch - High-frequency traders test ‘artificial’ stub quotes: Nanex
01-04-2013 Fox Business - Data-feed glitch leaves some traders in dark on Nasdaq prices
01-03-2013 Chicago Tribune - Data-feed glitch leaves some traders in dark on Nasdaq prices
01-03-2013 Themis Trading - Themis Trading 2013 US Market Structure Predictions
01-02-2013 Business Insider - Monday's Stock Market Trading Was Historic For Its Light Liquidity
01-02-2013 Zero Hedge - Another "Algo Gone Wild" Bailed Out By Nasdaq After Mini Flash Crash
12-21-2012 Zero Hedge - How 10,000 Contracts Crashed The Market: A Visual Deconstruction Of Last Night's E-Mini Flash Crash
12-21-2012 Reuters - U.S. stock futures drop after Boehner "cliff" vote falls short
12-20-2012 The Atlantic - Everything You Need To Know About the Economy in 2012, in 34 Charts
12-16-2012 Mineweb - Of algorithmic trading and gold and silver price manipulation
12-14-2012 - Gold and Silver: Of Cartels, Algorithms and Artificial Prices
12-14-2012 Deal Breaker - Oops, Again: Bargain Basement Edition
12-14-2012 Zero Hedge - Momentum Ignition In Theory And Practice
12-13-2012 Financial Times - Nasdaq cancels trades in major stocks
12-13-2012 Zero Hedge - Broken Market Chronicles Part X+1: This Morning's Multi-Symbolic Flash Crash
12-12-2012 The Street - Investors Punished by Never Ending Flash Crashes
12-06-2012 Fierce Financial IT - Elan insider trading highlights value of dark pools
12-04-2012 24/7 Wall St. - High-Frequency Trading: A Grave Threat to the Markets and the Economy
11-28-2012 Forbes - Fast Times at the SEC
11-26-2012 Reuters - How Steve Cohen moves stock
11-20-2012 Capital Account Interview about Haim Bodek, Bart Chilton, HFT and Mary Shapiro
11-19-2012 Advanced Trading - Mini-Flash Crashes Continue To Fly Under The Radar
11-14-2012 Stephen Colbert mentions 4% algo
11-13-2012 FT Alphaville - Another day, another dollar
11-07-2012 Opalesque - Post-Sandy trading data reveals wealth of micro flashes
11-06-2012 CNN Money - After Sandy, a flurry of stock market micro-flash crashes
11-05-2012 Themis Trading - Nasdaq Responds to Themis/Nanex Quote Spamming Questions
11-04-2012 Zero Hedge - How Targeted Quote Stuffing "Denial Of Service" Attacks Make Stock Trading Impossible
11-02-2012 Themis Trading - Were The New NASDAQ Rebate Programs The Reason For Yesterday’s Excessive Quote Spam?
11-02-2012 Advanced Trading - Broker Says Nasdaq Caused Excessive Quote Spam in Several Stocks
10-31-2012 Business Insider - Traders Expected A Wild Ride In The Market Today, Here's What They Got
10-25-2012 Forbes - The Virgin Slut Algorithm: Wired Markets Get Even Weirder
10-21-2012 Zero Hedge - Stock Market Fragility Fast Approaching "Flash Crash" Levels
10-19-2012 Wall Street & Technology - HFT Players Struggle to Survive
10-19-2012 Wall Street Journal Live - Black Monday Remembered: Could it Happen Again?
10-19-2012 ETF Daily News - Unless We Act, High-Frequency Trading Will Crash The Stock Markets
10-18-2012 Fierce Finance IT - Mysterious high-frequency market moves
10-18-2012 Capital Account Interview
10-18-2012 RT News - From Floppy Disk Crash of '87 to Flash Crash of today w/the Nanex Algo Hunter!
10-18-2012 Bloomberg Businessweek - Google’s Printing Mishap
10-16-2012 The Wall Street Journal - Gas market stung by rapid traders
10-16-2012 Money Morning - Unless We Act, High-Frequency Trading Will Crash the Markets
10-12-2012 The Daily Crux - "Dr. Doom" Marc Faber SLAMS Ben Bernanke in this "must hear" clip
10-12-2012 Business Insider - The SEC Is Building A New $2.5 Million System To Track Market Data In Real Time — Here's Why It's Child's Play
10-12-2012 Computer World - Mystery Nasdaq algorithm accounted for 10% of bandwidth last week
10-11-2012 Fudzilla - Skynet starts trading
10-11-2012 Opalesque - Nanex: More high frequency trading events in the U.S. last week
10-11-2012 Computer World UK - Mystery Nasdaq algorithm accounted for 10% of bandwidth last week
10-10-2012 Popular Science - Dear Mystery Algorithm That Hogged Global Financial Trading Last Week: What Do You Want?
10-10-2012 Business Insider - Who’s Afraid of HFT?
10-09-2012 Business Insider - A Firm Has Taken Responsibility For Today's Violent Stock Swings, But What Happened Is Still Weird
10-09-2012 Market Watch - Possible errant trades appear in XLF, Pandora
10-09-2012 Benzinga - Bizarre HFT Algorithm Accounted for 4% of Trading Activity Last Week
10-09-2012 CNBC - High-Frequency Trading Concerns
10-08-2012 CNBC - Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week
10-06-2012 Peak Prosperity - Investors Need to Realize The Machines Have Taken Over
10-06-2012 Zero Hedge - Investors Need to Realize The Machines Have Taken Over
10-06-2012 Reuters - Felix Salmon The problem with high frequency trading
10-05-2012 BBC - Felix Salmon on High-Frequency Trading
10-04-2012 Financial Times - Nasdaq suffers fresh high-profile gaffe
10-04-2012 Wall Street & Technology - Can Things Get Any More Embarrassing for Nasdaq?
10-03-2012 CNBC - Unclear What Caused Kraft Spike: Nanex Founder
10-02-2012 Securities Technology Monitor - King of Retail: Slow Down Rule Making
10-02-2012 CNBC - Mark Cuban talks about Nanex
10-02-2012 WSJ - Rapid-Fire Traders' Big Fear: Themselves
09-27-2012 CNBC - SEC Targets High-Speed Trading
09-25-2012 Financial Times - Flash Gordon's Alive?
09-19-2012 CNBC - Algos Gone Wild?
09-14-2012 Wall Street Journal - NYSE Is Fined In Data Probe
09-14-2012 New York Post - Big Board hit with $5M fine for playing favorites
09-14-2012 Daily Finance - Markets Gone Wild? What High Frequency Trading Really Means for Retail Investors
09-14-2012 Traders Magazine - NYSE Gave Head Start to High-Speed Firms, SEC Says
09-14-2012 Mr Top Step - Your Markets on QE3
08-29-2012 Deutsche Bundesbank Speaks "Nanex"
08-10-2012 Zero Hedge - How Two Trades In Half An Hour Make Market Go Boom... And Unboom
08-09-2012 Zero Hedge - Whack-A-Mole Algo Is Back
08-09-2012 Bloomberg TV - Sal Arnuk - High-Frequency Trading Is `Video Game,' Arnuk Says
08-08-2012 The Atlantic - Software Runs the World: How Scared Should We Be That So Much of It Is So Bad?
08-08-2012 The Register - What really happened when computers at trading firm went nuts
08-07-2012 Keiser Report - Crooks, Crime, Chaos
08-07-2012 Slashdot - This Is What Wall Street's Terrifying Robot Invasion Looks Like
08-07-2012 Fox Business - Regulators Can't Keep Pace with Market Technology
08-06-2012 Reuters - Felix Salmon - Chart of the day, HFT edition
08-04-2012 Financial Sense - Jim’s Big Picture: Eric Hunsader of Nanex on HFT and Knight Capital—How this Affects the Individual Investor
08-03-2012 Wired - Raging Bulls: How Wall Street Got Addicted to Light-Speed Trading
08-02-2012 Bloomberg Businessweek - Knight Shows How to Lose $440 Million in 30 Minutes
08-02-2012 Wall Street On Parade - Wall Street Journal Calls It a Trading Glitch; Wall Street On Parade Calls It a Wealth Transfer System
08-02-2012 Fortune (CNN) - Why Knight lost $440 million in 45 minutes
08-01-2012 The New York Times - Flood of Errant Trades Is a Black Eye for Wall Street
08-01-2012 The Atlantic - Huh, Another Rogue Algorithm May Have Thrown Off Trading in 148 Stocks
08-01-2012 Zero Hedge - This Is What Happens When An HFT Algo Goes Totally Berserk And Serves Knight Capital With The Bill
07-31-2012 Zero Hedge - Visualizing Today's Deja Vu Last Second 60,000 E-Mini Contract Wipe Out
05-02-2012 NHK TV on location Filming Nanex for a Documentary
04-24-2012 Futures Magazine (May 2012) - Is high-frequency trading too fast for our own good?
04-10-2012 Poetry Foundation - Conceptual Literature in the Wild
04-06-2012 The Street - BATS IPO: Accidental Death or Murder?
04-04-2012 Advanced Trading - Did a Rogue Algo Cause BATS IPO Crash?
04-04-2012 Nanex Gives Presentation at Federal Reserve in Chicago.
03-27-2012 ZerhoHedge - SkyNet Wars: How A Nasdaq Algo Destroyed BATS
03-26-2012 Financial Times - IPO Software Behind BATS' Failure
03-24-2012 Wall Street Journal - Trading Firm IPO Fizzles in Seconds
03-08-2012 Mises Institute - High-Frequency Trading: Menger vs. Walras
02-28-2012 The Grumpy Economist (John Chochrane) - Weird stuff in high frequency markets
02-17-2012 Eric Hunsader ~ University of Illinois Urbana Guest Professor
02-16-2012 Wired Science - Nanosecond Trading Could Make Markets Go Haywire
02-16-2012 Business Week - What Crashed CME’s Oil Trading Platform?
02-13-2012 - Electronic Oil Market Trades Resume After Halt
02-09-2012 New Scientist - Stock trading 'fractures' may warn of next crash
02-08-2012 Co-Author: Financial black swans driven by ultrafast machine ecology
02-07-2012 E24 - Norway Interview - Raging Robots
02-01-2012 Financial Times - NBBO Flutter
01-31-2012 Nanex mentioned (p 273) in "The Fear Index", a novel by Robert Harris
12-14-2011 Eric Hunsader talks about HFT on Sweden's Cold Facts National TV program
11-18-2011 VPRO article (Dutch) on Nanex Visit to 10 Downing Street
11-14-2011 Nanex Visits No. 10 in London
11-14-2011 Nanex charts are featured as art at Columbia University in NYC
10-26-2011 HFT Review - Improving Academic Research into HFT & Fighting High Frequency Spam
10-24-2011 Financial Times - The 15:00, 15:50 and 15:59 effect
10-23-2011 Investment News - SEC eyes avalanche of options traffic
10-13-2011 Financial Times - Trading at the Speed of Light
10-10-2011 Federal Market Information Technology in the Post Flash Crash Era - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
10-07-2011 Financial Times - Making sense of a million megabytes
10-07-2011 Financial Times - Speed and market complexity hamper regulation
10-04-2011 Zero Hedge Kindly Requests The Immediate Resignation Of Mary Schapiro For Gross Breach Of Professional Responsibilities
09-28-2011 HFT Alert Pulls Back the Curtain on High Frequency Trading
09-08-2011 Options Arbitrage In VXX
08-24-2011 Kiplinger - Could Computerized Trading Cause Another Market Crash?
07-26-2011 TED - "they [nanex] use math and magic and I don't know what, and they reach in to all the market data and they find, actually sometimes, some of these algorithms." - Kevin Slavin
07-08-2011 Reuters - Micro flash crash hit US oil futures Thursday
07-07-2011 ZeroHedge - No, It's Not The Nat Gas "Fractal" Algo: Nanex Discloses The Very Ominous Implications Of Today's Berserk Crude Algo
07-07-2011 CNBC - New Way High-Speed Traders Get Edge on Investors
06-30-2011 ZeroHedge - Caught In The Act: HFT Option Algos Observed Frontrunning Today's PMI Release
06-09-2011 ZeroHedge - The Story Of The Berserk Nat Gas Algo Just Got Really Strange
05-16-2011 USA Today - Mini flash crashes worry traders
04-02-2011 Barrons - Robots Rattle Data Guru, Jim McTague reports the market behavior observed by Eric Hunsader
03-28-2011 TEDxConcordia - Yan Ohayon - The Impact of Algorithmic Trading. (Video)
03-16-2011 VPro Backlight: Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box iPad App
03-02-2011 VPro Backlight - Money & Speed: Trailer for iPad App
02-17-2011 Reuters Insider Interview
02-13-2011 Crapshoot Investing by Jim McTague. An entire chapter on Eric Hunsader and Nanex
01-31-2011 VPro Backlight - Money & Speed, Inside the Black Box (Trailer)
11-09-2010 ZeroHedge - Presenting The Flash Crashes Of 2010 - Part 1
10-21-2010 AI5000 - Flash Crash Report Points Finger at Wrong Source of Big Trade That Went Bad
10-18-2010 The Atlantic - Maybe the Flash Crash Wasn't Caused by 1 Dumb Trade
10-14-2010 AI5000 - The Saga Continues: Flash Crash Controversy
10-11-2010 Kansas City Star - Illinois data firm points finger toward high-frequency traders in flash crash
10-11-2010 Wall Street Journal - High Frequency Trading: What You Missed on ‘60 Minutes’
10-11-2010 Wall Street Journal - Flash Report Is Put to Test
10-08-2010 Reuters - Waddell not the culprit for May U.S. stocks flash crash
10-08-2010 New York Times - Casting Doubt on Single-Trade Spark in Flash Crash
10-08-2010 ZeroHedge - Refuting The SEC's Lies At The Core Of The "Flash Crash" Analysis
10-01-2010 TheStreet - The 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street
09-27-2010 Wall Street Journal - Data Wonks Debut Dizzying Diagram of Flash Crash
09-27-2010 New York Times - Troubling Trades Found Ahead of Flash Crash
09-27-2010 Reuters - Stock "flash crash" sparked by orders, sales
09-27-2010 ZeroHedge - The Most Detailed Forensic Analysis Of The Flash Crash To Date (And Likely Ever)
09-02-2010 CNBC - Nanex's Eric Hunsader
09-02-2010 Reuters - 'Quote stuffing' a focus in flash crash probe - CFTC commissioner Scott O'Malia talks to Reuters about the ongoing investigation and how Nanex databases assist the investigation
09-02-2010 Wall Street Journal - SEC Probes Canceled Trades
09-02-2010 Bloomberg - SEC Probes Flash Crash
09-02-2010 Forbes - Did We Dodge Another Flash Crash on Sept. 1?
08-29-2010 ABC National Radio Broadcast with Eric Hunsader on The Flash Crash.
08-28-2010 Barron's - Was the Flash Crash A Warp-Speed Sting?
08-28-2010 Fast Company - How Infographics Can Help Catch Stock-Market Cheaters
08-24-2010 The Atlantic and Asset International - NYSE confirms Nanex Findings
08-24-2010 ZeroHedge - "Do It Yourself" Latency Arbitrage: How HFTs Can Manipulate The NBBO At Whim Courtesy Of NYSE Empty Quote Gluts
08-22-2010 New York Times - Stock Swing Still Baffles, With an Ominous Tone
08-18-2010 ZeroHedge - Prima-Facie Evidence The NBBO Is Broken Explains Why Senator Kaufman Is Getting Very Angry With A Corrupt SEC
08-11-2010 CFTC Website - False Profits - Statement by CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton confirming the NYSE Delay on May 6'th, 2010 and more
08-04-2010 The Atlantic - Market Data Firm Spots the Tracks of Bizarre Robot Traders
08-02-2010 - BLATANT Equity Market Manipulation
07-14-2010 Reuters - CFTC eyes how to police high-frequency trade
07-14-2010 CFTC WebCast - High Frequency Trading/Managing the Risk of Direct Trading (this is a 4 hour webcast. Jump to 03:44 and continue watching for a discussion of our evidence)
07-09-2010 USA Today - Computerized stock trading leaves investors vulnerable
06-23-2010 ZeroHedge - How HFT Quote Stuffing Caused The Market Crash Of May 6, And Threatens To Destroy The Entire Market At Any Moment

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